NEW YORK | 66 Hudson Blvd (The Spiral) | 1,030 FT | 68 FLOORS


Sha na na na na

Hey Hey Hey


The tenement on 10th and 35th is coming down.


Its the start of something good!

This is my face anytime demo is in the works.


I agree Chris!

PS: I prefer Salma Hayek, but I’ll avoid the controversey!


Great update on demo shed for that garage, Robert. Part of me thinks I would have walked right through the shed and never noticed.

Seems like maybe the developer has a good lead on a new tenant maybe/hopefully?


Thanks, JC.

I hope that Morgan Stanley anchors this.


I assume that if Aetna comes to nyc, they’ll move to existing space, but this would be nice.


There’s a Hartford journalist on Twitter saying that Aetna will move to NYC, and an official announcement should come soon.

This is very exciting even if they move to existing space!

The world capital!


I agree, Lion


They have excavators on site too.




Will construction start immediately after this crap is razed? Do they have tenants already?


I really hope this is not the final design. Very underwhelming for such a prime spot


I think they’re in advanced discussions with someone – maybe Morgan Stanley.




I hope that MS chooses the Spiral over 50 HY.


nice view.

@profilenyc on instagram

the background vista is nice, too.


If they choose the heaping load of camelshit that is 50 HY over the spiral I will lose my marbles.
I don’t specifically like this design but anything is better than 50 HY




I agree!