NEW YORK | 66 Hudson Blvd (The Spiral) | 1,005 FT | 64 FLOORS


People would be going crazy if we got something like 10HY down here in Charlotte. Only in New York would some of these buildings be considered “small”. :grin:


I don’t think there is anywhere else in the city much less the country where there are 3 building each over a thousand feet standing in a row right next to each other.


Its always a treat to literally see a skyscraper race between two sites. My money’s on the Spiral rising first vs 50 hudson.


It looks like 50 HY’s excavation is further ahead…we’ll see


this should dust 50 HY because its all steel with a temp steel core, a la 1VB.

50 has to do core work for 6 months before steel can start.