NEW YORK | 625 West 57th St | 467 FT | 32 FLOORS


John Boehner!


Thats a really nice shot. I always try to find cities that look better than NY, but I can never seem to find it. The Gold Standard for a reason. :smile:


This tower or pyramid is really something unique. Really nothing close to it anywhere in the U.S…

In other words, its what we would call, iconic.

Credit: Jason Kok


Great pic! I agree. Looks great. Very shiny when the sun hits it right. One of my favorites from BIG

Taken today from the heights. (Far left)




Dragon’s caramba!
It’s very nice! :smiley:




This is one cool building. I always catch myself glancing at it when going down the west side highway.








Great to see one of the great NY photographers of our time here. Thanks for joining and contributing towards the best source of NYC info on the net. :smile:






standing on corner of 42nd and FDR and looking north you get a great view of the impact this has. I was in a hurry and failed to take a pic, but this building is outstanding. I am sure it helps scenery for those who drive FDR each day.



I love how this building turned out.


Nice pictures, JC_Heights!




I love these kinds of videos showing the Manhattan skyline!


This theatre will be nice: