NEW YORK | 6208 8th Avenue | 165 FT x 2 | ~13 FLOORS x 2


Sunset Park is the next neighborhood bracing for a mega-development akin to Queens’ Flushing Commons and the Upper West Side’s Riverside Center. Brooklyn Paper reports that a group of developers have signed on to erect a massive mixed-use project in the southern Brooklyn neighborhood on Eighth Avenue between 61st and 64th streets. Aptly named Eighth Avenue Center, the new development, designed by Raymond Chan, will have a three-story Chelsea Market-style retail space at its base that will cover some 167,000-square-feet or, as BP puts it, about three football fields. Above it will rise a 10-story, 150-room hotel, two 15-story residential towers with some 350 apartments between them, and a 17-story office tower. The tallest nearby buildings top out at about eight stories, so needless to say, the development’s scale is largely unprecedented for the neighborhood.


The last we heard of this.



Glad this project is still alive (somewhat)! I lived in Sunset Pk for many years and was at the 8th Ave station a few days ago, thinking what a wasted opportunity that silly parking lot right next to an express train stop is.