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Construction worker in Chelsea fatally struck by falling object, NYPD says

A construction worker died after he was struck in the head by an anchoring bracket that fell from the building’s roof in Chelsea Monday morning, according to the Department of Buildings.

Krawczyk Przemyskaw, 34, was found unconscious at about 8:40 a.m. at 61 Ninth Ave., on the corner of West 15th Street and Ninth Avenue, cops said.

An anchoring bracket that had been supporting a suspended scaffolding above roof level came loose, DOB officials said. The bracket fell, striking Przemyskaw in the head as he stood on a sidewalk extension, according to the agency.

He was pronounced dead at Lenox Hill Hospital, an NYPD spokesman said.

“This tragedy appears to have been completely preventable and we are taking enforcement actions against all parties involved, including a full stop-work order at the site,” DOB said in an emailed statement. “We are working closely with law enforcement on the incident. Additional penalties are pending the conclusion of this incident.”


That sucks,

On a brighter note, this building is beautiful. Vinoly uses very high-quality materials. 125 Greenwich, like his Fifth Avenue tower in NoMad, will surprise a lot of people.



This is looking good. It goes well with that nice hotel on west 15th that is almost complete

I never noticed this modern addition across the street next to google. Looks pretty cool.


@JC_Heights that’s The Porter House by SHoP. One of the first things they’ve done that really got them started here in NYC.


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From Feb 21:


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This looks great.


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Starbucks has opened a massive ‘immersive coffee experience’ with a cocktail bar in Chelsea

The Starbucks Reserve Roastery — the most luxurious way to get a grande — opens its fourth global location this Friday, December 14 at 61 Ninth Ave., at 15th Street, in Chelsea.

NYC is the fourth of six planned roasteries across the world, with others in Seattle, Shanghai, and Milan. Tokyo and Chicago are next up for this new style of store that’s reportedly meant to “differentiate” Starbucks from other global coffee chains like Lavazza.

It’s nearly a whopping 23,000-square-foot bid, including five bars: two for coffee, and one each for cocktails, takeaway beans, and pastries. The space here is full of New York design details spread across a working coffee roaster, tubes in the ceiling that carry freshly roasted beans to the coffee bar, tons of seating, 10 bathrooms, and every kind of coffee brewing style one can imagine. Everything is subtle, though.

“New Yorkers are sophisticated, so we didn’t want to hit them on the head [with NY references],” Starbucks Roastery concept design vice president Jill Enomoto says.

Princi, a “boutique” bakery founded by a Milan-based baker, will serve as the food purveyor. The bakery will offer on-site freshly baked goods, salads, pizzas, focaccias, and desserts.

The craft cocktail bar Arriviamo Bar will feature “expert mixologists” who will serve coffee and tea cocktails, like the Nocino Notte, a cold brew coffee and gin drink.




Today. I’m kicking myself for not checking out that new Starbucks in there. Looks pretty cool from the pics above- next time…


Another gem for the area.