NEW YORK | 606 Broadway | FT | 6 FLOORS


This heinous lot along Houston between B’Eay and Crosby is owned by the City and is next door to the horrible former BP that Related is developing. As noted, but for that former eyesore and this one, the area is a stunning sea of gorgeous old buildings.


I believe this took forever due to the city’s involvement and possibly the MTA? In either case, great to see this is finally getting started and good that it’ll fill in that empty lot!


I agree, Yimby! I love that area, and this is a nice addition.


This should get underway very soon, I think. All approvals are in place and the lot traded hands last week.




This eyesore lot is finally meeting its demise!!!

July 1st


Aug 10th

Bonus shots!

The steeple from this church on Second Ave., which dates from the 1700s, looms in the distance.


Great shots, robertwalpole!


Thx, Dragon


Oct 7th




Steel going up.





It’s above ground!

I love this area.



@ Bowery Boogie





I hope that the one-story building on E Houston (across from Puck) gets redeveloped next. I can handle the building, but that huge advertising pole is truly heinous.



A lot more glass now.