NEW YORK | 606-610 West 57th St | 440 FT | 42 FLOORS


Me no like.



Almost its own style. Call it modern glassy brutalism. Its definitely imposing, and intimidating in a way.

On a side note, they should build atop of that mini cooper dealer. Keep the dealer at the base, but add some residential to it.


I still assume they will add additional white/light gray cladding over most of the building like in the renders. Anyone know if that is the plan? Might make it look a bit more interesting at least.


earlier today






Great shots, Jc


very corporate looking, which is appropriate for Manhattan.


Yeah you look at this, and you’d think its office. Does look intimidating and cold in its allure.


Pretty disappointing.



I think it’s ok. This area, to my knowledge, has height limits, so I don’t think that they could have built much taller.


Yeah, not the height. The building has an interesting structure but it looks so drab.