NEW YORK | 565 Broome St | 290 FT | 25 FLOORS


I guess the svhoffair is over for you guys))


I don’t think that the Shvo is over quite yet.

Had Jimmy Hendrix ever met him, I think his song would have been “Hey, Shvo, I hear you shot your lady down…”



Nice shot, JC!!!


Tower(s) are visible, middle-right.

Credit: FC




NYC SKYLINE Sunrise by HO, on Flickr






Last week






Renzo is really good at texture.


Glass done right.



going by these diagrams, the actual height should be closer to 313’. Pesky measurements, they should stick to either building height or elevation, definitely not BOTH. I became curious after eyeballing the comparative height between this building and 570 Broome, which is 317’ according to the CTBUH. They list this tower at 290’, which is actually the roof height, not the bulkhead height - which is supposed to be considered for their official height measurements.