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The lower floors look amazing. I hope that the upper floors will be dramatic too, and that it’s not just a fat box that rises seamlessly above this point.


These renders show that is it in fact boxy as hell at the top. None of this seems very official, though.
It is by Trent Tesch at KPF, who co-designed One Vanderbilt.

The base is exceptional!


Have you seen a full rendering or are you inferring?




The facade looks the same, but it’s a different location. That’s obviously west of 7th Ave in Times Sq.


Is that the location of 740 8th Avenue?

Extell also owns that lot, remember.


Yes and yes.


Good eye, Robert. Wasn’t even looking at that. I wonder what the deal is, then?


While it’s clearly not the Fifth Avenue site, it appears to be the same tower. I can’t be though. That’s not the 5th Ave side or the 47th St side. I don’t think it’s the 46th St side.

Anyway, it is on Extell’s 8th Avenue site.


Say goodbye to 574 5th while you can, the LPC has washed their hands of it.

Recent demo permit:

The only reprieve is that there was no visible work going on the last time I walked by. Hopefully Gary Barnett or the eventual developer will at least keep the facade.




That sucks, but I never expected it to survive. I just hope that something decent is built here.


Gary Barnett’s Extell Development Company bought 4-story 32 W. 48th St., former home to the Plaza Arcade diamond mini-mall, for $40 million, and at the same time closed on title to several adjacent buildings an air rights to another. The deals popped up in city records Friday night.

“We now have everything we need to build,” Barnett said on Sunday. Tentative plans call for a hotel with a “few hundred keys” and stores, he said.

The purchases totaled $85 million. Extell also signed a $63.8 million mortgage spreader agreement with Bank of the Ozarks for the six adjacent properties — 30, 32, 36 and [38 W. 48th St. and 25 and 27 W. 47th St. The new project will connect West 48th Street with the 47th Street diamond block.

Barnett said demolition leading to construction should begin within six months.


Did they actually acquire the building between the major site and the beautiful building at 574 5th? if not, it seems pointless to demolish it


These are different development sites. It’s just the same developer (Extell). They aren’t even on the same block.


Is it not all one massive assemblage (air rights, et al)? These buildings are disjointed, but all within close proximity.


No, they aren’t even on the same block.

The Extell Fifth Ave. assemblage is between 46th and 47th streets. The Extell midblock assemblage is between 47th and 48th streets.


I think that Extell owns another nearby but separate property: 30 W 47th St. It’s a filthy, heinous POS, and I sincerely hope that the G-Man tears it down.


572 (old barrington gallery) looks nearly vacant, only the top floor looks to be in use.


I really hope that something decent rises here. I saw a photo of Barnett standing in from of a model of a very lame, midblock box, which I presume is the 47th-48th St. assemblage that the NYP reported this week. If you search Extell on Google news, a story from the Jewish News appears.