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one floor down since last update


Nice! This part of Fifth is gross.




If, as it appears, Extell will not acquire the Barrington Gallery building, I hope that they leave the beautiful little one to the north of it intact.


almost gone


I hope that Extell builds something great here. This five block stretch of Fifth is the avenue’s Achille’s Heel. This project, and Ceruzzi’s, can set the tone for the redevelopment of this heinous part of Fifth Avenue.


Stuff like 555 and the box across the street to the south can definitely go.


I agree.



1 more down. 572 was nice. 574 is nice, I hope we don’t loose it like the Kaskel & Kaskel building at 316 fifth


Great shots, Oppi.

It would be nice if the Barrington Gallery building is restored.

The ground level of 575 Fifth apparently will be upgraded.

The base of this gorgeous, old gem has been butchered.


The Barrington Gallery has vacated the ground floor. Only the 2nd floor seems to be occupied currently.


I guess it’s coming down. I hope that Extell does something great here and not a lame, 600’ glass box.


I just checked Acris. Nothing has been filed yet regarding a sale of the building.


I wonder if Extell will acquire 576 Fifth.


What’s the situation?
Are they building up anything there yet?


There’s still a lot More demolition that will occur. I hope that Extell builds a 1,000’+ landmark and not a fat glass box.


My question is, how is 574 not landmarked? when it comes to actually decent buildings that deserve the title like this one it always feels like they don’t end up doing anything about it


First partial rendering. probably conceptual



That is amazing! Even if that’s just where the thought process is, it’s very encouraging.