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Nice shots Jc!




I wonder when demo will start on the two 47th St buildings.






Nice shots, Ilny!



I’ve read ALL the 109 post here… and it made me drop a tear (quite a lot of them actually).

9 West 46th Street was the first place I have ever stayed in New York City. Me and other 4 friend rented a 1br room for crazy $$ on July 2005… the first imagine I have of NYC was a jaw-dropping foggie skyline while on the cab from JFK. Second image was looking up (still on the cab) to the chrysler building, with this mystic NYC fog… the third image, next day, was West 46th Street. I could not understand how it was possible to, right in the middle of everything, it could exist such a shitty block.

Two years later I moved to NYC, I (surv)lived 9 years there, and on my last walk home, what was probably of the last pic of me on NYC, I sat down on those shitty, but loved, buildings. Already covered and ready to be demolished. That was December 2nd 2015.

Sorry for the personal story, outside from the development of the area, but buildings are nothing but bricks filled with stories.


earlier today


It seems to be where it was three months ago. Gary can’t acquire the Barrington Gallery building.


Can someone post a photo showing an update? (My photo below is from March.)

As per Acris, Extell has not acquired 572 Fifth Ave (i.e., the Barrington Gallery building). That’s fine with me, particularly if that leads to saving the little gem next to it.


Not much change from Waymond’s Sept photo. Here’s one I took on the 1st of December.


Thanks, Oppi. I wonder why Barnett has not yet razed the building just south of the Barrington Gallery.


Demo shed is up on 47th st.


Nice shots, JC.

This building could set the tone for the redevelopment of this part of Fifth. I hope that Extell delivers.


A little hard to tell but demo on the building in black is underway finally


I’m not sure if The Real Deal has the correct addresses. If so, this may be another Diamond Dist. development separate from the Fifth Ave project.

I just checked ACRIS. Sadly, no demo permits were filed for Nos. 23 or 27, two heinous structures on either side of No. 25.

Also, nothing has been filed for the ultra heinous 32-34 W 48th. It’s not clear if Extell even controls the LLC which owns it. I doubt that it does .


I wouldn’t be surprised if they flip those sites to some cheapo hotel developer. As robertwalpole said these sites aren’t even on the same side of the block.

demo progress in front of the steel door on the top floor