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The art gallery is holding out. I suspect that it will eventually sell, as its little building standing alone lacks value. Extell owns all adjacent land, so it can’t be part of a future assemblage.

Personally, I hope they don’t sell because that should lead Extell to preserve the beautiful little building just north of it.


With the development rights in this assemblage, a mixed use could yield a super tall.


There are enough air rights to build very high!

However, I hope that Gary doesn’t build a fat, 650’ glass box.


Maybe Gary will be inspired by what Kush is doing at 660 5th and want to develop a jewel of his own!


I don’t think so. Those mere six blocks make a huge difference in prestige. I hope that he does something tall and pretty nice though, like Ceruzzi’s plan for 520 Fifth.



Almost there!





I hope this lot doesn’t sit empty for years


when does he every build short and stubby?

His stubbiest looking tower is 1 manhattan down on LES and that is still 850 feet tall.


I don’t think it will. I’m sure he will proceed now.

I’d like an 800’+ tower and not something like the International Gem Tower which he built on this same block.