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Sep 14


I hope that Gary delivers something good here. This area has been the pits for a long time, but 1 Vandy will transform it. I hope that Gary builds something apropos for what the area will be, as opposed to what it is now.

Sep 16

Blue metal tubing has been erected over the Tudor building in connection with demo.




Oct 10th

Extell owns the beautiful little building just south of the big one on the corner of 47th,

They had filed demo permits and covered it with netting. However, through the present time, Extell has been unable to buy the Barrington Gallery building next door. I hope that this prompts Extell to keep the little gem. In that regard, Extell just removed the demo netting from the gem.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the lads at Barrington could fold in the ninth inning, in which case the little gems fall.


So terrible that things like this aren’t landmarked. Disgusting!


I agree, Streetscaper.


Oct 21



Great shots, ILNY.

For those not from NY, while this tower has some 5th Ave frontage, the bulk of it while rise on this plot of land from 46th to 47th, just west of 5th. The two old buildings adjacent to this empty lot will be razed.


I have very low expectations for this.


These are from the 46th St side.



Great shots! This site is already pretty big but will keep getting bigger as the rest of the buildings come down. Are there still no plans at all for what will be built here?


Nice photos, 5b.

Do you work on 46th St?


No, but it’s a pretty funny story how I found myself there yesterday. My aunt bought some jewelry in St. Martin and one of the stones fell out. They told her to send it to gem repair shop at 2 West 46th st and she asked me to drop it off for her. I found the place alright but by the looks of it suite 1404 had been vacated months ago. Sorry for my aunt but glad I brought my camera so I could take advantage of the opportunity as it presented itself.






Nice photos, JC.

I hope that Barnett doesn’t burden us with a 600’ box by Goldstein Hill.

I also hope that the gallery holds out so that the little building just north of it is preserved.



They’re making a lot of progress with the corner building.


I hope that Extell does not build a lame glass box. This tower, like Ceruzzi’s 520 Fifth, is a chance to spur development on the worst part of Fifth Ave (i.e., the part from 44th St to 48th St.).


These buildings on 47th, the backs of which are seen here from the south side of the site (on 46th St), will come down. I assume that the bulk of the tower will be west of Fifth and will run from 46th to 47th. Presumably, the Fifth Ave frontage will be for retail.



The crap on the block to the south is horrible. Sadly, these were all once nice buildings that have been ruined.

530 Fifth is another heinous eyesore.