NEW YORK | 56 Leonard St | 821 FT | 57 FLOORS


I like the way you think, Atticus!!!




That’s one nice and great shot! Just look at its colors with the sky! The WTC Towers also compliment along with it!
Great find, VG!


Some fine reporting there mockingbird. Great indeed.




New York by Gehry [2048 x 1367] by Patrick Lawe, on Flickr


JULY 1st


Looks like we were pretty close to each other again today.


Great shots, robert!
Love this “Jenga Tower”!


Nice shot as well, JC_Heights!


I agree, Dragon. It’s an icon!


Finishing the glass made a world of difference here. Prior it looked odd and it was difficult to tell how cantilever’d/jenga-y it would actually appear – but now that the exterior is all done, it is simply spectacular! Now we wait for the Anish Kapoor bean.


I agree, Yimby. 56 Leonard and Gehry’s Spruce St tower are surreal icons situated near one another.

I routinely see tourists marveling at both.


Credit: stefano bruni


No sign of the sculpture being under construction yet. I get the feeling we won’t see work on it until the external scaffolding/elevators come down; less danger of falling construction materials damaging an expensive work of art perhaps?


IMG_8539 by Masaaki Suzuki, on Flickr






Interestingly, the developer is Kapoor’s cousin!

I cannot wait for this iconic sculpture to adorn this iconic sculpture (ie, the tower)!


Downtown Manhattan by Faraz Azhar, on Flickr