NEW YORK | 56 Leonard St | 821 FT | 57 FLOORS







Looking forward to see that Anish Kapoor sculpture of that squished beanie thingy at the base. Can’t wait until the elevator lift will be removed. Tower will look more amazing w/o it.



Oh god, that photo (and basically all photos like it) makes me so nervous.

Also, with that guy standing atop the crown, you really get a sense of scale that you don’t from most other skyline shots. 30 Park Place looks pretty puny in a lot of photos, but it’s barely shorter than LA’s tallest building (which I see every day and seems to soar) and this shot really helps remind you of that fact.





Beautiful and stunning tower this is!




This tower has really grown on me so much. It’s such an icon. Well done.



I agree. It’s amazing!!!


^^Hehe. Sweet mama.


Looming over some Colonial remnants of old NY!


Thats a great angle. Really captures the shifting and jenga nature of this tower.


Thanks, Chris!

Salma Hayek’s butt likes it too, and that’s quite a validation!


I agree. The world needs more Salma Hayek’s around. Notice the word choice. “Around” which comes from the latin for “A Round”. Literally, round and you can guess what the A stands for!

O… and more cowbell! We need more cowbell!

(reference to a great snl skit :wink:)


Ha! Good one, amigo!!






I Heart SoHo!


Not a great pic, but I took it from near 1 WTC.

I did catch a few nice butts in the pic… totally unintentional… :sunglasses: