NEW YORK | 56 Leonard St | 821 FT | 57 FLOORS


Feb 20th


New York by Fenzo, on Flickr


Great photo!






The Age of Ramses!!!


I’m glad to see cladding is almost done on this jenga like tower!


I love how this dwarfs everything in the immediate area


That middle shot of Leonard is quite the sight. You really get a feel for the Jengafication of the tower, as Bush would say.


Love this tower I find this dislocated type of architecture rather interesting


From Madison Sq. On March 24th

Stunning old buildings frame the view downtown.

This is one of the many stunning buildings in this area.


Stunning view! I love that stretch of Broadway from union square to herald square passing by madison square park. I find it to have the best examples of art deco art nouveau and even gothic architecture in town. It’s almost as if that small stretch of broadway is stuck in time I love it.


All of Broadway has amazing, old architecture. It’s all quite stunning !






View from one of its balconies. Great views!!





Ultra modern tower looming over NY’s City Hall from 1810, when Napoleon was rampaging through Europe!


This building is stunning!

April 25th