NEW YORK | 56 Leonard St | 821 FT | 57 FLOORS


Nice shot. The lighting on those early morning photos are really lovely. When we reach this point of completion; I begin to wonder about the ‘interior architectural designs’ that are beginning to take shape. Those photos, are obviously harder - if not impossible - to find.




Is the bean on its way? LOL, taking longer to assemble this bean that build the friggin’ tower


If it’s taking this long, do you think they’re not going to put it in. I would think it’d be in by now


I work nearby. Every time I’ve asked about the bean, I’m told by one of the doormen that is it supposed to be installed in a few months. Promises, promises. I have no idea what’s going. And I don’t know anyone who does.


Well I cannot find it now but Tribeca Citizen had a post months (now maybe even years ago haha) that included a comment from someone in the know about what it took to complete the bean including the shiny finish. Surprisingly complicated.


Correct. But you are right that the article was many moons ago and the installation time promised that piece has long since passed.


Today. I didn’t get close enough to see if anything started on the bean, unfortunately.


no sign of the bean as yet


I spoke to a couple of guys outside the building who said that a few days ago some workers with “fancy looking equipment” were taking measurements and made some of the marks on the ground.


Looks very promising!


Prep for the bean is visible in markings on the pavement.


Wow I was beginning to think they weren’t actually going to do this


Someone showed me Airbnb listings in 56 Leonard the other day going for around $1,200 a night. I wonder if in buildings like this the owners have to get the doormen in on the deal to make sure they don’t get reported? I could see some owners in 56 Leonard not being happy that their building is an Airbnb.


In looking at the markings on the pavement I realized this thing is going to be huge. It’s hard to imagine how big the volume will be.