NEW YORK | 56 Leonard St | 821 FT | 57 FLOORS








Does anyone have a timeline on the bean? Still nothing today


The last time I asked one of the doormen, I was told January, 2018. But that’s the third time I have heard a date later than the prior one given to me. So I don’t vouch for any of this. I also was told some time ago that it was fabricated on the west coast and was ready to be transported. I have no idea if this was accurate. But it is large. It’s hard to believe it could be trucked cross-country. Is this a Panama Canal shipment? Is it hard to get an appointment to move through? Darned if I know.



Old & New: This reminds me of a movie set or theme park where another part of the area has a different theme and sneaks in the background from some angles


Photocred: @brianw0ng on Instagram


VERY detailed explanation of the technical challenges they’re encountering. Unfortunately no delivery date. Last para:

“Currently we are in the process of producing the last section of slices. We have begun assembly of the completed slices at our facility. Once all the slices and the “crown” components have been fabricated and polished we will be able to totally assemble the sculpture for review by the Artist at our facility, prior to shipping the components to New York for final installation.”


Photocred: @cheryl.hills on Instagram




Best shot of 56 Leonard I think I’ve seen.


Last week



NIce shot, JC!




This is one of our many new icons!


can’t be an icon with those white, plastic “eurowindows”
hope the pennies they saved on value engineering was worth it




Looks like the ghostbusters/engine8 got a bit of a facelift with a new facade (bricks and glass looked kinda new).