NEW YORK | 56 Leonard St | 821 FT | 57 FLOORS






This is the scariest building i’ve ever seen! WTF goes on inside?? Hanx.


Haha. He’s the best!


server farms and [redacted]



Does anyone know if they’ve installed the Anish Kapoor sculpture thing at the base of this building? Here is what it will look like:


Not yet, but sometime this year it should go in. Someone should go to the site and talk to a worker to see when it comes in


from far away, I wasn’t feeling it, but the closer I got, the more beautiful it got!, but the lower floors are a mess!


I walked past 2 days ago. The area is clear but no work had started on the sculpture yet.


Photos taken from the 8th floor of 26 Federal Plaza:


They have finished the sidewalk and opened it all up to pedestrians now, but there is still no sign of starting the bean. I should have stopped to ask one of the workers when it will start.


Good news, 10 years in the making.


I had no clue about the bean. I didn’t know we were getting one of our own. How cool.



Doorman says the Kapoor sculpture is scheduled for installation in “late fall.”