NEW YORK | 56 Leonard St | 821 FT | 57 FLOORS


Not exactly. But I walked by there this afternoon. They are now waterproofing that corner of the ground floor where the bean will go. The glass in that area is in, but the solid wall surfaces around the bean are being waterproofed to prepare for installation of the exterior finish. The area abutting Church Street where the new sidewalk, curb and eastern lane of the street will be constructed also is being worked on. So the bean can’t go in until the ground floor area is water proofed, a new base surface is poured, the public sidewalk and street is built, and the exterior wall behind the bean area is complete. They have not been working quickly or with a large crew so I don’t think all of this will happen at warp speed. At least several more weeks are needed, probably more.







Work continues slow but sure in the bean area. Top picture shows street and sidewalk work along Church Street. Windows are all in though mullions are still to be put in place.

These two show the bean area where drainage and water proofing work is being done before top surface is poured.


Great photos, Chused









Is that the floor plan for 1 unit!?


Looks like 4 2BR








Great images, but source??