NEW YORK | 56 Leonard St | 821 FT | 57 FLOORS




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Great photo, tec


Glass now installed on almost all of eastern facade facing Church Street. Scaffold is down on Leonard Street side and work is proceeding on window mullions and front sidewalk. I’m guessing work will be far enough along by this spring to install the bean.




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Beautiful Tribeca








Shed coming down…



Routing Church Street pedestrians through a passage in the building also has stopped. They are beginning to finish off the exterior of that side of the first floor and prepare for the bean’s installation in the not too distant future.


Here are some images of the ground floor. First is a view from Leonard of the bean area.

This is a view of the bean area from Church.

Finally this a view from Church of the ground floor. The shape of the future exterior glass facade is visible on the cement ceiling.


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Progress slow but sure. The front entrance facade and lobby are complete.

Most of the glass has been installed around the corner of Church and Leonard.

And the old sidewalk along Church has been chopped up and cleanup work is proceeding in the bean area.




Does anyone have a timeline on the bean installation?