NEW YORK | 56 Leonard St | 821 FT | 57 FLOORS


56 Leonard and 8 Spruce are magnificent !


Precisely! I am blown away by the diversity of the architectural styles in Downtown NY! No skyline in the world is like this.




A bit old


Construction elevator is now disassembled except for the ground level loading ramps and electric motor structures. Major gaps in lower floor exterior finishes are now exposed. Lots of work to do but none of it is terribly time consuming.



Construction elevator totally gone. Presumably a new pedestrian shed will soon appear so finish work can proceed on lowest floors.


Street view, New York by Mirjam Tally, on Flickr

a street view, New York by Mirjam Tally, on Flickr


CTBUH says this one is completed!? Does anybody know if first tenants are already moving in?


Yes. Apartment owners have been moving in for quite some time, mostly on the west side away from where the construction elevator was. Since the elevator disassembly finished in late fall I assume units on the east side are now quickly being made available to owners. The building is sold out.




How crazy and interesting perspective! :smiley:
Great cool find, VG!


Seems like 1WTC got a new cladding! :smile:




Amazing photo of this landmark!!!


SICK!!! It looks awesome from that angle!


yeah next time I’m there, I’ll take a nice high-quality pic with my dslr