NEW YORK | 56 Leonard St | 821 FT | 57 FLOORS


Construction elevator finally is coming down. The top few floors are now gone. On site worker says it will take over a month to remove it completely. So we will soon be able to get the full view of the structure and what it will look like with the Anish Kapoor sculpture on the ground floor.


About time! When is the very top floor getting cladding?


That I don’t know. Wish I did.


Just noticed that there appears to be black netting around parts of the top floor. Must be some finish work going on.






Nice photo, Tec.


Awesome photo. Amazing


Thanks guys.




Great shots, JC_Heights!
And love this tower!
It’s so unique and it’s in the right spot in Manhattan! ^^


Thanks Dragon. I agree, this tower is great!


By @Sero91ls


Looks like 56 Leo got those typical red lights on building lit up. Also, I don’t think they put glass on the top floor


Construction elevator is finally coming down. A little progress at the base.


That’s a very beautiful shot, Thomas! ^^


oh theyre taking the scaffolding down, up close it looks really cool and in todays sunlight it look really clean and shiny.


It took quite a while to remove the ramps from each elevator level to the inside of the building. Now that work is done and the elevator stack itself is coming down. Windows are already installed on the top floors.


Construction elevator continues to come down.