NEW YORK | 555 West 22nd Street | FT | 23 FLOORS


the curtain of death is rising


Not sure why I’m lukewarm on this project.


I think everything is demo’d now.
There is a crappy abandoned boarded up tenement on the corner of 22nd st that Related must not own? Otherwise they surely would have torn it down with most of the old uhaul site.

They took the uhaul down faster than expected!



This building is stunning! Great colors.

My number one target in this area is this crappy Mini Storage building on the High Line. It’s such an eyesore, and they insist on hanging that tacky banner over the building. It’s a huge space too.



it’s the same design as the model above, but it looks like the rendering posted on-site lacks detail. Keep in mind the earlier renderings were EB-5 distributed so they should be presumed inaccurate.


Really interesting. It looks like it’ll be cast stone or limestone. It looks better than both the model and the EB-5 promo material. RAMSA is killing the midrise and lowrise design game.

If you look at the crown portion they’re definitely going after the success of 70 Vestry.


Not too much progress. From today


We are going to see this building go vertical some time soon: much more excavation and foundation work has been completed since the photos by JC Heights have been taken. I have several photos taken this week, which I will post as soon as a get to my desktop tomorrow evening. This building is a classic beauty set in stone; such a delight to see everything new and upscale in architecture is not an ‘all glass’ facade.


I think it may be 25-26 floors now?


No pun intended; but the number of floors, and all other design related details need be ‘set in stone’ at the late stage of the process. I have a photo of the work-in-progress billboard on the construction fence: I will count the floors on that rendering and assume that is the final Architectural Design. BTW, I am discovering that there are plenty former WNY members on this forum, under different names however, so it feels good to be getting back in contact with some old friends/acquaintances. I was also posting under the tag INFOSHARE for those who remember me from the Wired New York forum.


Who else from WNY is here besides us?


Tectonic, You, Tone99 and one other that I can’t remember - I bet there are more. NYGUY, Zippy,Stern, were a few regulars that may be lurking here.


I think the rendering on the construction barrier has the final floor count: about 23. There is still plenty of foundation work being done; which involves what looks like underground structural steel beams.




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Love the momentum of developments reaching u/c status. :beers: