NEW YORK | 555 West 22nd Street | FT | 23 FLOORS


NEW YORK | 170 11th Avenue | FT | 22 FLOORS


Great news. I was wondering when this u haul was going to bite the dust. Only a matter of time.


Same here.



This is good news.



Stern! The renderings are from EB-5 ads so they might not depict the final design.

Related Companies has closed on the purchase of six sites in West Chelsea and air rights for $234 million, paving the way for the developer to get started on a 23-story mixed-use building.

The developer purchased a six-site parcel at the corner of 11th Avenue and 23rd Street from U-Haul’s parent company Amerco, documents filed with the city’s Department of Finance show. Related paid $175 million for three of the sites — 548-552 West 23rd Street, 555 West 22nd Street and 170 11th Avenue — and $16.6 million each for 162 and 164 11th Avenue. The company also purchased 70,000 square feet of air rights from another U-Haul site for $25 million.

from the source provided in the cityrealty article on 515 West 28th.ự-án-căn-hộ-cao-cấp-hudson-residences?_ct=6j64ecbljqmb


Another awesome Stern on the water! This one looks even better than vestry.

This has been a great start to 2018.

The Related highline project looks great too.




Happy 2018 all.

I just disected the video to extract the good stuff.

For the other project.


Smart. A Stern building by the Hudson River park has turned out like a Stern building by Central Park: a money printing building.


I think the gravy train should end. This is not a great building. I’m sure the finishes will be top notch and the views will be good. But architecturally it is pretty boring. 18th Street is so much more interesting. Stern has a style that is becoming a rut with only the exterior surface (red brick as on West 77th Street or some sort of light stone at a number of spots including 220 CPS) and very little inventive shaping or variation in facade window patterns. His buildings certainly are better than the post 1970s featureless, window box, false Mies imitations or the ugly brick with balcony spec apartments, but not nearly up to the caliber of so many wonderful masonry/stone buildings that dot the city if you keep your eyes open. He needs to restart his creative juices.


I think this will actually be one of my favorites by Stern. If it looks anything like the darker/first rendering, it will be stunning. I understand the criticism, but to me it looks very Italianate and reminiscent of Carnegie Hall Tower,
especially when viewed from the North. If I am right it will be unusual of Stern and thus special. CHT|333x500




You’re Right!


The renderings you posted, Skyward, are very different from the one I commented negatively about. And they are much better–doing exactly what I complained was missing from the plans. So I’ll now wait to see what actually gets built to make a final judgment. Thanks for uploading the images.


What’s going to happen to the small brick buildings on the southwestern corner on 22nd street? I don’t think Related has those buildings.


I forgot to check the corner on 22nd st, but the majority of this site has the construction shed being built today.

The main uhaul building in the center of the block is still open. The single story and the 3 floor self storage component on 23rd and around the corner onto 11th had the construction shed going up.