NEW YORK | 55 Hudson Yards | 780 FT | 51 FLOORS


Thanks, Gents!


Great. Most excited about 35 & 55.







Nice. The extra panels were not up last night. They must have been applied today. The façade looks great!


I’m impressed by the transition from the earlier-built ConEd substation to the tower base on the South side - no complicated trusses like the doomed first iteration 7 WTC.


this vent plant was constructed with the supercolumns for a future tower already incorporated.

hence the ease


Oct 30


its not going to look great if they do these half panels the whole way…


What would look really cool is if they add a huge LED screen as the facade of the vent building.


im not sure about that


Looking great!




I concur, VG.


You can really start to get a feel for the setback- how it is angled slightly on the eastern side to give it a bit more interest.



This is from the 7 train entrance under 55hy. Its that diagonal elevator/funicular thing that had a million issues while being built. I wanted to take it down but the one coming up in this pic was soooo slow and the last foot to the door took like a minute to finally get there and open, so I said f it and took the escalator down. Probably saved 5-10 min of my life not taking it. Lol


Nov 7


Wow, having those pedestrians in the foreground really puts this into scale. We think of 55 as one of the “little” towers of the Hudson Yards, but it’s still huge.


I agree, Marshall.


Nov 10



this is starting to rise faster now that they passed the setback