NEW YORK | 55 Hudson Yards | 780 FT | 51 FLOORS


The concrete structure is fairly simple compared to its neighbors, this one should go up smoothly in the upcoming months. :construction_site:


Considering that 3 MW is 702 ft, this one will be quite dominating.





lobby taking shape


So cool!


soooo… thats different.


I hope they still go with the darker look of 55. Maybe it is just wierd lighting in the renders above. The crown looks different too.

15 still looks great though!


Sep 14



First level of the setback is almost complete! The tower crane will have to jump soon.


35 Hudson yards in the foreground and 55 behind it.



They’re working on the setback portion of the tower.



Took some night photos around 3 am last night, since we don’t have a lot of night photos. 10/7/16





Now the setback is clearly visible.


Oct 26th

Ta dah!!!


Awesome! But cladding already?


Nice update Robert! After seeing the first pic I was going to comment, “looks like the facade is going to start” then I saw your second photo. lol Anyways it looks good let’s see how it all comes together.


Great update Robert. I love that cladding. And i never noticed it before but there are many cutouts on the podium for those oversized windows. I guess they have been there for weeks, but I didnt notice before your pics.