NEW YORK | 55 Hudson Yards | 780 FT | 51 FLOORS


The last shot is really nice. It shows some of the future development sites, would love to see the same shot in like 5 or 6 years. Would be amazing I assume.


55 HY making progress:
[URL=“”]adam.paiva[/URL] on flickr










Today. Can see goldman jc in the distance.






Soon,10 Hudson will won’t be visible in that shot.



MSG as well. 1 MW to get an idea will be taller than 10 HY which in itself is pretty dominating and bulky.

I gotta say I’m very pleased with 3 MW and how it has turned out. Quite nice even for a box. The facade and glass are excellent.




Here you can see how they included that ventilation structure within the building



Did the setback start??


And that reminds me of 2 World Trade Center, when finally under construction, the building will be constructed right over a ventilation system


Aug 4th




Looks like maybe 1 more floor, then the setback?


this has been a strange one, it was moving very slow, then in may it went up like a floor per week then it slowed down again