NEW YORK | 55 Hudson Yards | 780 FT | 51 FLOORS


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I love the facade for the podium. Updated pics taken yesterday 5/12. Looks like the podium is now higher than that other portion (was that side portion mechanical space for the subway station or something?)


this should be a fast riser due to its pretty straight forward design. Hopeing it is at 10 floors when I visit!


Construction on 55 Hudson Yards Is Finally Making Progress

The 51-story office building will stand 780-feet tall when complete




55 Hudson Yards & Western Rail Yards (Phase II)





just scanned all pics this has been adding a little over a floor a week for the past month. Apr 21 it was at one floor now it has 6 I believe.


Took these last night. Bonus subway entrance mural.


What could have been would’ve been amazing.

But that cladding is simply gorgeous! Very industrial looking, love the depth with the layers stepping inwards, giving it a full and solid look. The industrial tone really helps to emphasise this areas past, whilst also giving me a vibe of the steel and iron works for the subways and highline of New York.

This cladding in a solid box really does compliment one another. The cladding will also help to ground this area, warming the street scene up with its contrast of tones, textures and colours compared with its crystal neighbours.


May 26th


June 3rd


Juno 10, 2016 It looks like its about 7 stories above ground.


I like the rate of the erection of this building


It’s great to see. Looking forward until the cladding starts


This is another one that feels as if it came out of nowhere. Only in NYC can 700’+ buildings fly under the radar!






55 Hudson Yards rising on the right, along 11th Ave