NEW YORK | 55 Hudson Yards | 780 FT | 51 FLOORS


April 20th


looks like we have gained a floor since last update.




I am so excited hahaha. Most of these projects have been holes in the ground but suddenly in the last few months almost all of them have been starting to rise up and pop out of the ground. In a year or 2 It’s gonna be insane to see all these things under construction at the same time. Gonna be amazing. The only thing I can say that is appropriate is “this is the age of Ramses!” hahaha. Sorry to steal your motto Robert hahaha.


credit- Nyguy at

Looks like we have a crane orgy.

We have gain a floor on 55 Hudson since the last pic I saw.


Maybe Chase will be the next announcement.


Nice! That’s a good amount of space they got themselves.

Have you heard anything about Chase seriously looking again? I hope so.


I’m sure Chase will move at some point in the next few years.

Milbank tends to follow Chase.

I’m not that excited about this tower though.


Funny, this is my under-the-radar favorite of the Hudson Yards… as long as the cladding turns out as well as it looks in the renders.


Yeah, but the shape sucks.


Definitely it’s the cladding that will make this tower special.

There’s an example already that reminds me what this tower can be sort of is 505 w 19 at the high line, but of course this will be much taller






So cool!




The facade on the lower floors is gorgeous, but the tower is boring.


considering what could have been, I have to agree. However I’m not unsatisfied by what will rise.


I agree. It would have been amazing if the whole tower was cladded the same way. I think despite this, it’s going to be a great addition to the Yards.


More pics of the podium facade:



@nyconstructionphoto (aka ILNY)