NEW YORK | 55 Hudson Yards | 780 FT | 51 FLOORS




I remember when this was supposed to be the most boring design of the neighborhood. Funny how things change.

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what’s up with these black windows?? exhaust fans or broken windows needing replacement?


My guess is mechanical equipment including exhaust behind them.


There was a utility structure on the southwest corner of the plot before the building began. I think it was constructed as part of the 7 train extension. 55 was constructed around it and cladding was put over it to match the building. The higher dark areas must be utility related.


Ohhh, I completely forgot about that. Yeah, that explains it perfectly. At least the ones at the corner and near the bottom. I assume the ones near the top of the podium are for building mechanicals.


This building has a kind of retro look and feel that I like.


Taken by me:

The Hudson Yards, New York by IzaaK Sabo, on Flickr


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A few cool pics from SSC:

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Pic by me. Taken today.

55 HY C.Estevez by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr






On the left.

Credit: FC






Anyone know why they don’t finish that last 30 - 50 feet of curtain wall at the top? I’ve been looking at this for what feels like a few months waiting for them to finish that


Right. It feels like it’s dragging.


Probably a hold up at the factory. Looks a little different in the renderings.