NEW YORK | 55 Hudson Yards | 780 FT | 51 FLOORS


What I do is I count how many floors are completed so far, then divide that number by the total floors and then your answer would be the two numbers after the decimal

Then put that number in a percentage




Hey thanks!

But actually I was referring to the specific number of floors. Like above you mentioned they’re currently working on the 39th floor. How can you tell that exactly? Because, the only method I can think of would be to look at a picture and literally try to count the floors one by one. But I feel like that method could be misleading due to things like the curtain wall hiding some details etc.


Like I said, you just count the floors on the photo.
Floors: 39
Curtain wall: 19


Insane to think that this will be taller than the coach tower. This is too much awesomeness for me to handle.






How will this be taller than coach tower if coach tower is 878 feet?


He may have been referring to 30 HY





Very Nice shots, City






Lovely pics JC!!


Thanks, Streets