NEW YORK | 53W53 (Tower Verre) | 1,050 FT | 73 FLOORS


If, as it appears, this is the facade, this will not be quite the landmark I expected. I hope they paint it at least.


Agreed. It could be quite different with a dirty concrete face


there actually is some cladding up, the concrete is indeed being clad rather than being left bare. :smiley:
ILNY posted some pictures on SSC, i’m sure they’ll be posted here as well.


ILNY posted these!!

First glass is up !


That’s early as f**k! Awesome!!


That looks like it might be on-site materials (cladding and window system) testing.




Hell yea and wow is right!!

Did they just cover part of the diagrid with glass?? I wonder if that’s how they’ll will be doing it?


I walked by this morning. The materials that covers the beams is either metal or stone, and it protrudes several inches from the glass. It is utterly stunning.


That’s a start! Finally! :smile:


21st Century John Hancock.Center.


I walked by today and I saw the new layering ontop of the concrete, it looks stunning if thats what its gonna be totally covered in it, its going up quite fast!


Great update, Park Ave.


okay so whats the deal with these two plots on 57th street, I have no clue whats going on here, anyone know?
Both of these plots are huge.

by the way, if anyone wants me to go check out a site and take pics let me know, I treck around the city daily.


I think that the first one (29-31 W 57th) will lie fallow for a few years.

I think the same will occur with the one across the street. However, I think that the adjacent, white brick building will be razed. The same group that owns the empty lot owns the white building, and that building is a market rate rental. Further, the owners also owned the lot where 15 CPW rose.


wait which white brick building, in the green plot or the black and white plot


The one in the second photo. It’s a market rate rental.


thats a rather large corner building with a restaurant at the base, or do you mean the smaller one on the other side thats like 5 floors high.


I’m referring to the big one. Check out this thread, Park Ave:


ah thanks! I had no clue at all what the deal was with that lot, and why will 29-31 lie vacant?