NEW YORK | 53W53 (Tower Verre) | 1,050 FT | 73 FLOORS


Taken today:




Thanks for all the photos baronson! Looks like you covered a ton of ground today. We appreciate it!

That gold is looking great.


Thanks! I love when I have friends/family over. They get subjected to a guided tour whether they want it or not!




Woah! Cool shot benchervin!! :smiley:


Yeah this would be terrifying to slide down.


Yeah this would be super fun to slide down.



one day later and it couldn’t be any clearer out


Look at that splash of gold. Artsy.



Is this topped out? This Wikipedia Page says it is, but it doesn’t look like it?


Oh, and just a fact for you to think about for a second. Currently, there are 7 completed and opened supertall Towers in NYC. (1 WTC, 432 Park, Empire State, Bank of America Tower, Chrysler, New York Times Building, and One57). But, there are THIRTEEN under construction. (Including Tower Verre, 3 WTC, and MANY MORE). This is truly an insane skyscraper boom for NYC.


I think they thought it was topped out when they had taken the concrete forms off, but now they’re back on. Maybe they’re building a structure for a mass damper, then the rest of the crown will be built with steel


I think they’ve already built the last habitable floor, which is often when topping outs are celebrated.





Concrete forms have been removed, concrete must be done. The steel crown should start soon