NEW YORK | 53W53 (Tower Verre) | 1,050 FT | 73 FLOORS


I wish it was taller :weary::weary::weary:


Me too. This one makes me mad.


American Copper Buildings look awesome from that angle


You can see the top of 270 Park as well.





Woodrow Wilson!










From a lot of vantage points this tower is really hard to spot - I don’t how you can hide a 1,050 ft building, but sheeesh they pulled it off. Still will go down in history as an instant classic.


still has almost a 100 feet to go, I believe


In that case nevermind, I really can’t tell how close it is to the top, for some reason I was thinking it was very close to topping out. My bad!


Mens Room with a View by Gene M., on Flickr


200ft more would’ve probably taken it to the top of the crane.




One Vanderbilt is gonna have a huge impact from this angle!


Looks like ESB has it’s own cluster from that angle.


Walked by last night and it looks like they are installing a new tower crane on another cantilevered platform about 100 feet from where the concrete stops. Guessing they’ll use that to finish up the steel and to remove the current tower crane. Was too dark for a picture.