NEW YORK | 53W53 (Tower Verre) | 1,050 FT | 73 FLOORS




Did you guys see this pic yet? Holy shit.

This is a bonkers view. Not often seen.

Credit: Michael Lee


Love it! That photographer has quite a set of photos, as I’ve seen in the past many times. Very pleased with his work


Manhattan’s skyscrapers are put through the most extreme tests you can imagine

When developers build supertall towers, they head to a small handful of specialized facilities that pummel building samples with disastrous conditions to make sure they can stand tall.

There are only about three or four facilities in the country that can perform the tests, which simulate hurricane-force winds, rain, heat waves and arctic blasts, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Hines, for example, tested sections for 53 West 53rd Street, the 1,050-foot-tall condominium tower the Houston-based company is developing with Singapore’s Pontiac Land Group and Goldman Sachs.

The Jean Nouvel-designed tower features a tapered structure, criss-cross structural framing on its exterior and 6,000 panels of custom-made, triple-paned glass.

Hines made two mock-ups, which were tested at the Construction Research Laboratory in Miami, which resembles a post-apocalyptic landscape with airplane engines and other tools designed to batter buildings.

“It’s like a doctor wanting to test a human being by putting together a mock-up with one ear, one nose and one elbow,” said George Dotzler, the lab’s director.

The testing cost $150,000, and while municipal law requires some testing, most developers figure the price is nothing compared the cost of damage in an actual emergency.

Bizzi & Partners Development, which is building 125 Greenwich Street, paid about $210,000 to create a mock-up of the building, and another $163,000 for the testing.




the cladding is so enchanting. It seems we’ve reached the point of transition. I wish it would stay that dark all the way to the top instead of transitioning to silver and gold. That, or just replace the gold on the west side with silver. I don’t understand the design choice, we’ll have to see if its executed well but I fear it will look abrupt and detract from the gotham look.





Now that the cladding has changed angles, it will really start to shine!




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“Our team has made some remarkable progress, now surpassing 900 feet.”
(Was wondering why it looked short compared to the rest…)


So is this only at 900 right now?


Not sure. This was posted on their Instagram feed this morning. (I hope it is, wanna see another 150’ of goodness rise)



We need that extra 250ft back, lol. There are taller buildings nearby.




Wow. Good eye!




Woodrow Wilson!


Interesting slice



Nice shots, Tec!