NEW YORK | 53W53 (Tower Verre) | 1,050 FT | 73 FLOORS


January 26th, 2018



Nice one, JC!!!


Something about this picture is unique. Might not be so noticable, but look at it closely. Notice the angle at which its taken. The point of view, relative to the angle, brings out the HY complex, while reducing the impact of the rest of Midtown and the ESB.

I bet had that picture been taken perfectly aligned with the center of HY, where the ESB would be positioned more alighted with the HY center, it would reduce the visual magintude of the HY skyscraper node, and you’d be more focused on the surroundings.

I complement this shot, because even amidst all of the other skyscrapers, the eye is drawn to HY. And even though the intention was Verre, it’s really more of a stellar HY shot.

Notice that this is in the tower Verre thread, yet I bet most of you looked at HY. Point being, the way one takes a photo via the angle “relative” to its surroundings can be used as an advantage. Sometimes, the discourse of the photo may be the opposite of what was intended.


From Flickr:

This is a really really cool angle. Even though you can’t see Verre from here too well, I still thought it was cool to share.
Image taken by Omar Lima


Finally got to see it from Top of the Rock. Amazing. Too bad it was shortened.



Yes, it is too bad they shortened this tower. For such a beautiful design it deserves more prominence on the skyline and will likely be overshadowed in the near future.


Has the eastern segment of the tower reached its apex? The yellow protective covering is only rising in the center section in that last Tectonic shot. How many feet until this beauty tops out?



Not much I’d say!
Maybe an extra 50 feet max.
Don’t take my word for it though!


I agree. This is very close to topping out. Not much left. The final touches on the angled crown remain.


One of the concrete guys estimated early March. That seems kinda far off but there is a lot of winter left.


Just in time for my b-day, March 6th! :smile:


Click to zoom in. Utterly epic. The gold standard!

Credit: Dan_DC








Is that white pole structure to the western portion part of the apex frame ?


Yup. Supposed to fade to yellow or gold.