NEW YORK | 53W53 (Tower Verre) | 1,050 FT | 73 FLOORS



A city on fire!




Good one!




Holy crap! It’s almost near! :smiley:



Nice shot, 5b!!!


Two pics from yesterday


I really like that 1st one. Its intimidating.


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Tower Verre from different views


Thanks for sharing these photos. I am the PM for the elevator cab interiors and entrances in South Florida and it’s great to be able to watch the progress of the building from down here in Miami.
David ‘Soupy’ Szczublewski
Project Administration
Gunderlin LTD | 3625 E 11th Ave | Hialeah, FL 33013





Those are future YIMBY’s right there. Its always good when folks enjoy the joys of an urban experience, especially at a young age. They will grow up to be proud, development advocates!


That last photo shows how such a thin building can have a giant impact. My favorite view of this tower is from Central Park, along with the rest of Billionares Row


Manhattan, Looking North from Top of the Rock by Jared, on Flickr