NEW YORK | 53W53 (Tower Verre) | 1,050 FT | 73 FLOORS


An ad in today’s NYT describes this as “A Modern Masterpiece”! That’s an accurate description.


Credit: [URL=“”]FC[/URL]


This building is a masterpiece, but the area leaves something to be desired. On the Fifth Ave side, it’s beautiful, but on the Sixth Ave side of 53rd, There are halal fast food carts and garbage on the sidewalk! It’s neither Belgravia, nor the Avenue Foche!

Oct 17

The Baccarat across the street.


That halal food is known to be one of the best supposedly at that spot.


They are there 365 days too. Around lunchtime, the lines are long. The chicken kebab with the white sauce is the best and some rice. A classic and cheap too!


It’s great. I used to go there when I lived in the area, but by the evening, there’s garbage on the sidewalk from them.


From B’Way and 53rd


That view will become exponentially more modern once this is completed. Sharp, slanted lines like that really deviate from traditional NYC architecture… it’s beautiful.



That’s a very impressive render you found, VG! :smiley:


Thats the one I was thinking of after Robert’s post




Former Ohio Congressman!


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Oct 21


Oct 24


Oct 25


Don’t remember where I saw the photo, but this is clearly visible from Top of the Rock.


This tower’s presence will be major. And its nearly to point where people will take notice.