NEW YORK | 53W53 (Tower Verre) | 1,050 FT | 73 FLOORS



Oct 12


This is definitely one of the slowest growing towers for now, at least that I have seen. It literally went from at-grade back in January to 11 floors until now. 9 months 11 floors…thats slow.


Agreed. In terms of quick building, we at least have 220 CPS and Hudson Yards to keep us happy.


This is moving at a fevered pace compared to 111 w 57th!


Yikes hahahaha :dizzy_face:


I thing this is rising fairly quickly considering the complicated structure. The upper floors are narrower so, expect even more speed later on.


I agree, Tec. As this tower rises, the floorplates become quite small; therefore, I think that this may top out in 2017. I think the same vis-à-vis Steinway.


steinway topping out in 2017. :laughing:


Nice photography streetscraper!


Thanks Gotham!


I cannot imagine Steinway topping out in 2017… at least right now.


agree. It seems to have made a nice jump in the past month. It seems to be above the MOMO expansion section, maybe that explains it.


it is so skinny, once they get past the complicated base it will rise fast.


I concur, Atticus!


October 14th, 2016


Nice photos, NYC!


Thanks. :smiley:


+1 to RW’s comment, great shots! :slight_smile:


Pretty good shots, NYCD! :clap:
And this progress is going well and nice! :smile: