NEW YORK | 53W53 (Tower Verre) | 1,050 FT | 73 FLOORS


Honestly, the concrete supports ruin the view from inside.


I think it depends a lot on the viewing distance. Once you back up and look for it, you’ll see it everywhere… even 4WTC. :wink:




great quote. I had never thought of this, but we directly associate past generations with what they build.

Egyptians- Pyramids, epic tombs
Romans- Colosseum, Forum, Ampitheaters
Medieval- Castles
Renaissance- The unique architecture, Majestic Ships of the Line

When I think of the 20s, I think of the art deco structures.

Now when you get to more recent history it is a mix. Since you have film and know people still living from those eras.






Oct. 10

The street level facade of the Baccarat across the street is gorgeous!


Great update! I think its gonna be amazing once it starts going up higher, that finishing looks really great.


It’s looking great! I’m going to have to go and see this personally.


Very good shots, robertwalpole!
And this skyscraper will be beautiful when complete!


Thanks, lads!




Got to stop by and see the sexiness fo real! lol.

It looks great in photos, but I think it looks amazing actually seeing it.

I think if Tec took the photo he will capture it beautifully.



Amazing!!! This will be Jean Nouvel’s absolute masterpiece nested in the middle of the largest central business district on Earth! :heart_eyes: Best cladding ever.


These updates are making giga happy!
This tower will be unique and beautiful! And is placed perfectly in the “City of Giant Beacons”!




Not long until it really starts looking tall


I’m in love guys! Pics by me from today

FW4A1149 by Kevin Leclerc, on Flickr

FW4A1142 by Kevin Leclerc, on Flickr

FW4A1135 by Kevin Leclerc, on Flickr

FW4A1136 by Kevin Leclerc, on Flickr

FW4A1132 by Kevin Leclerc, on Flickr

FW4A1138 by Kevin Leclerc, on Flickr

FW4A1145 by Kevin Leclerc, on Flickr

FW4A1113 by Kevin Leclerc, on Flickr

FW4A1116 by Kevin Leclerc, on Flickr


[B]It’s about here:[/B]


Nice photos, Street.