NEW YORK | 53W53 (Tower Verre) | 1,050 FT | 73 FLOORS




I guess they’re waiting patiently. The site of 15 cpw was vacant for a long time.




Haha. Im glad that we were wrong about the bare concrere.


A second piece! Be still my heart!




Great photos, 5B


Thanks RW - here’s tipping my wig at ya!


Good one!


This thing looks so amazing already!!




Oct 2

The nearby Ken Griffen Bldg had to have been designed by the Sam person who’s doIng 55 HY.

This is a side view of what the cross-beam panels look like. It appears to be concrete covered with a thin layer of metal.


Oct 4th

John Boehner!!!


Does anyone know what causes that wavy effect on the glass sometimes? It looks flexible like plastic instead of glass.


Technically, glass is flexible. It’s rarely perfectly flat. Naturally, this can be more pronounced with thinner glass. I think many advanced window systems do use slightly thinner glass than a typical home window.

The actual flex of the glass may be very subtle, but the visual effect is amplified by distance, in the same way that small defect in a lens would be unnoticeable in a desk magnifying glass, but would completely ruin a telephoto camera lens.


Got it. Thanks! Some appear flawless almost, in terms of reflection. 4WTC for example.




Great find, VG!


Tectonic was trying to get that job :frowning: He’s doing great work though.