NEW YORK | 53W53 (Tower Verre) | 1,050 FT | 73 FLOORS




The inward slope on the 54th St side has started!

July 20th



I was on the Met rooftop on July 21st, and people from all over the world were marveling at the Midtown skyline. Can you imagine what this view will look like in a few years with:

One Vanderbilt
Time Warner
425 Park, etc!




This is the BBC!


July 26th

Verre has hit the slopes!!!

This is the BBC of skyscraper news coverage, lads! No forum covers NY nearly as good as we do, and no forum obviously has the leads that Yimby provides!


That’s great!!
Nice picture too, robertwalpole!


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Finally! The best part, is it not? Thanks Robert!


This will be incredible, Bat man!


July 29th


Hey, guys!! Check this out!!

“During #53W53’s construction, there are about 30 steel nodes, the largest of which is 15,000 pounds connecting six different columns on the sixth floor”


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Thanks Dragon! It’s quite a unique feature for this tower architecturally.


You’re welcome as well, Wiggleworth! ^^
And this tower is really unique already. That’s why is one of the NYC skyscrapers that I’m so eagerly looking forward to see it complete. I’m sure it’ll be prettier and spectacular in reality than in the renders!


Aug 1st


Aug 5th

I’ve always liked these twin fountains across the street.



“We’re growing everyday. Thanks for checking us out @ripk10!”


“This room in the #53w53 sales gallery shows how a bedroom can be transformed into a library or study. Don’t you love the celestial tapestry along the back wall that Thierry Despont designed? Will Femia for @curbed