NEW YORK | 535 East 80th St (20 East End Ave) | 250 FT | 17 FLOORS


PLAN EXAM - APPROVED 04/30/2014 §

Occupancy Classification: R-2 - RESIDENTIAL: APARTMENT HOUSES
Construction Classification: I-B: 2 HOUR PROTECTED - NON-COMBUST
Multiple Dwelling Classification: HAEA
Building Height (ft.): 210
Building Stories: 17
Dwelling Units: 43


June 28 2014


A new 17-story building at 20 East End Avenue and 80th Street will have 43 apartments.

Credit Rendering from Hayes Davidson


Looks like this beauty has topped off!



Credit: Tectonic via NYY


Nice pictures, Chris!


220 CPS is turning out to the Stern building with the Least ornamentation!

This, by contrast, will be stunning !<img src="/uploads/yimby/original/2X/0/0279689b818e9ce568dc1cf6877d098275c3faa1.jpg" width=“381” height=“500”





Great update, Tec.


iPhone shot from today…



The elevator is down to just the few floors at the base. Some workers up top also. Almost done maybe.

This and 520 park might be my 2 favorites from Stern.




Yes we can have nice things lol.





I wonder how the gate works.


It’s kinda cool, at least from the inside there is a sensor that opens it automatically.