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Permits Filed: 525 West 52nd Street


525 West 52nd Street – image by Taconic/Handel

The first permits are up for a major residential project at 525 West 52nd Street, which has a multitude of partners involved; the site’s developers include the Clinton Housing Development Company, Taconic Investment Partners, and Ritterman Capital. Handel is the architect of record.

DOB filings indicate the development will be quite large, measuring 466,204 square feet; the commercial component will span 32,298 square feet on the ground level, while the residential portion will be split between 392 units. The site will be divided between two buildings, the larger of which will stand 24 stories and 230 feet tall.

525 West 52nd Street — image via Chelsea Now

The overall site has several addresses, and while the permits are filed under 533 West 52nd Street, that lot has already been built-out, and the additional buildings will be located at 525 West 52nd Street and 540 West 53rd Street.

Design-wise, the development’s appearance will be fairly benign. Twenty percent of the site’s housing will be ‘affordable,’ partially explaining the relatively banal appearance, though large structures nearby — including Mercedes House and 625 West 57th Street — are far from boring, and plenty of new 80/20 buildings are legitimately attractive.

Despite the project’s lackluster aesthetics, the additional housing is much needed in Hell’s Kitchen, where prices have skyrocketed in recent years. Neighborhood housing stock has not kept up with demand, and while buildings like 525 West 52nd Street will slightly ameliorate the lack of supply, more large-scale development is needed.

With all necessary approvals imminent, construction should soon be underway, and the entire project should be complete by 2016.


Demo? 52rd Street

Affordable by TorinMorvay, on Flickr

53rd st side.

Affordable by TorinMorvay, on Flickr

Affordable by TorinMorvay, on Flickr


Looks like demo! Nice pics!


Permits Filed: 548 West 53rd Street, Clinton Housing Development Company Building


548 West 53rd Street, image from Google Maps

Earlier today, architecture firm Perkins Eastman filed an application for a new building permit, for a large affordable housing project in Hell’s Kitchen. The 13-story building will reach 135 feet, and will include 125,000 square feet of total construction area. It will sit directly south of the luxury rental Mercedes House, designed by Enrique Norten’s TEN Arquitectos and developed by Two Trees Management.

The building, at 530-548 West 53rd Street, is part of a broader development scheme for land on the east side of 11th Avenue between West 51st and West 53rd Streets. Developed by the Clinton Housing Development Company, this particular structure will include 103 apartments – we’re guessing all or mostly affordable housing, given the developer – spread over 107,000 square feet of residential space, plus 16,000 square feet of commercial floorspace (including retail and, curiously, a “tire shop,” according to the building’s Schedule A filing) and a 1,250-square foot community facility space.

The broader scheme, coordinated by the city’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development, will bring 530 total units (of which 206 will be let at below-market rates) to the area, along with nearly 60,000 gross square feet of commercial space and two community gardens.

On the same blocks, Taconic Investment Partners is also building 525 West 52nd Street, a 400-unit luxury rental building that will include around 80 below-market units.

And the Clinton Housing Development Company is no stranger to the area – they’ve also renovated a number of older buildings in the far West 50s.

The land in the far West 40s and 50s east of 11th Avenue was, for the latter half of the 20th century, zoned only for industrial and commercial space (as the land between 11th and the Hudson River still is). But starting around the turn of the millennium, the city began rezoning parcels for more residential development – first with ad hoc spot rezonings initiated by individual landowners, finally culminating with the 2011 West Clinton rezoning, which cleared the east side of 11th Avenue for as-of-right housing.


City to Sell $110.6M Land and Development Package for $1

By Tobias Salinger, 11/19 4:00PM

A rendering of 525 West 52nd Street. (Taconic)

The de Blasio administration will sell a 25,204-square-foot plot on the southern side of West 53rd Street between 10th and 11th Avenues and a development rights package to the Clinton Housing Development Corporation for $1 if city officials greenlight the proposed transaction next week.

The discount purchase would clear the way for Clinton Housing’s 103-unit affordable development slated for 530-548 West 53rd Street and Taconic Investment Partners and Ritterman Capital‘s upcoming 405-unit development with 81 affordable units at 525 West 52nd Street, according to a newly-released proposal from the city Department of Housing Preservation and Development reviewed by Commercial Observer.

…The city first began efforts to revitalize the area by designating a Clinton Urban Renewal Area in 1969, and Clinton Housing has been active in redeveloping the neighborhood in the past 20 years, a history of the site in the rezoning application says. The rezoned area will ultimately yield 206 affordable units and 324 market-rate units, with the state 80-20 program providing financing for the Taconic and Ritterman complex.


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They are excavating the western portion of the site now to build the rest of the complex.


Here is an update from this morning




This is from the 52nd st side. The smaller section of the building on 53rd is still below ground i think although I disnt have time to go around the block the other day.







Next phase already above ground.



To the right of the Mercedes house

Credit: Striking Visions