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Permits Filed: 525 West 27th Street


The former 526 West 28th Street, via Google Maps

The first permits are up for a new development at 525 West 27th Street, which is a block-through lot in West Chelsea, just to the west of The High Line; The Real Deal reported on the site’s sale last August, when it was bought by Centaur Properties for $45 million. The architect of record is SBLM, though no renderings of the planned design have been released.

While The Real Deal’s report indicated the site could accommodate up to 144,000 square feet of new real estate, the permits reveal something slightly smaller at the moment, with the entirety of the project set to measure 96,162 square feet. The development will be mixed-use, and split between north and south buildings, which makes sense given the lot spans through to an additional address at 526 West 28th Street.

In terms of scope, the commercial component will measure 3,500 square feet, which will be split between ground-floor retail as well as office space on the south building’s second level; there will also be an automated parking garage in the basement. The remainder of the space — totaling 92,662 square feet — will be divided between 36 residences. 525 West 27th Street will stand ten stories tall, while its counterpart facing 28th Street will rise eleven floors and 135 feet to its roof

Residences will average over 2,500 square feet, and it seems likely that the development will be condominiums, given the large size of units; even for West Chelsea, where boutique projects are sprouting everywhere, the floor-plans at 525 West 27th Street will be impressively spacious. Additional details are revealed in the Schedule A.

The site was formerly occupied by The Pink Elephant, and demolition permits for the old building were approved on January 17th. Per The Real Deal, a gas station used to be located on the property, so actual construction will have to come after remediation; no completion date has been announced.
[Rendering courtesy of VUW Studio.]

In a formerly industrial swath of West Chelsea, once home to longstanding nightclub the Pink Elephant and a gas station, 36 luxury condos will rise. Centaur Properties and Greyscale Development Group bought the through-block site between 27th and 28th streets and Tenth and Eleventh avenues last year for $45 million, and just announced plans to erect two 11-story condo buildings that connect in the middle. Given that the High Line is a development magnet of insane proportions, and that the site they bought is right next to a swooping structure on the rise designed by Zaha Hadid (to name just one), it’s not surprising that the developers are moving ahead. Called the Jardim—“garden” in Portuguese—the building at 527 West 27th Street will be avant-garde Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld’s very first project in New York City.


Construction Update: 530 West 28th Street


520 and 530 West 28th Street, photo by ILNY

While real estate along the High Line has seemed to be in a perpetual boom, construction adjacent to New York City’s first elevated park is now more active than ever, especially along its northern end. Its southern reaches have seen a smattering of development over the past decade, both residential and commercial, and the current condo-heavy spate of activity should not be surprising given extreme and unmet residential demand across Manhattan.

Just before its third section begins at 30th Street, several blocks — all in a row — are currently subject to concrete pouring or ongoing excavation. Today’s photos from reader ILNY depict two adjacent projects within the greater herd, at 520 West 28th Street and 530 West 28th Street.

And next door, work is also starting on 530 West 28th Street, which will span through to the former 525 West 27th Street and rise in the format of two separate buildings. New diagrams posted to the construction fencing illuminate the configuration (but not the actual design), and the project will total 36 units.

That site awaits excavation and a firm completion date.


Semi-Revealed: 527 West 27th Street, Jardim


527 West 27th Street, aka Jardim, image from the OER/Centaur

Last month, YIMBY checked up on progress at both Related’s 520 West 28th Street and Centaur Properties’s 527 West 27th Street (which also spans through to 530 West 28th Street). A rendering of the latter project’s garage has been released, but we’re still in the dark about what the project will really look like. While required by law to post an image of the building, developers like Centaur have figured out that they can skirt legislators’ intent and post a useless massing diagram.

530 West 28th Street, photo by ILNY

But luckily some drawings filed for environmental applications help illuminate its actual appearance, which will apparently be dominated by floor-to-ceiling windows and an ample dose of foliage, as the development’s “Jardim” moniker would suggest. Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld’s project always make heavy use of concrete, as shown in the teaser image of the garage, and the material also appears to be used to frame irregular blocks of windows.

527 West 27th Street, aka Jardim, image from the OER/Centaur

The project is configured within two separate buildings, each standing twelve stories tall. The lack of height in this location is disappointing, especially considering the average unit size in the neighborhood’s new developments, which is enormous (and in 527 West 27th, 36 residences will average slightly over 2,500 square feet apiece).

527 West 27th Street, image by Centaur and Greyscale

Zaha’s 520 West 28th Street will also mean that Jardim will be largely obscured from the High Line, though that has its positive in additional relative privacy. The project’s architect is Isay Weinfeld, and has an approximate completion date of late 2016.






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Jardim, 528 West 28th Street, photo by Will Femia


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