NEW YORK | 523 Eighth Ave | 213 FT | 24 FLOORS


I’ll take even a McSam over this junk, which is one of the few horrible corners left in Midtown.





I hate that blighted block!


Too bad he didn’t purchase the T-mobile store.


Those hotels are a new kind of blight. lol



earlier today



I agree! The white castle was much better looking. :smile:


Above ground as of today. This is going to be ugly. From the yimby article above…


Another corner I’ve eyed for years. Such a waste.


From last week. Looks like we will have another blank concrete wall.


I had high hopes for this corner and the NE corner of 34th & 8th.


34th and 8th will probably be decent. I didn’t expect much for this spot since 8th is still shlockville.


Kaufman has personally rejected the notion that he doesn’t put any care into his designs, but it has to be true. In fact, it’s almost as if he goes out of his way to make the most putrid garbage in the city.

His claim is that he wants to save his client money, and that he has budget restraints, but that doesn’t mean you have to put tic-tac-toe’s on your buildings. I’ve seen more elegant motels than this.


It’s a hashtag.

As in



Few days ago.


Ignored this so many times. Had high hopes for that corner for years, perhaps too high for that location.