NEW YORK | 520 Park Ave | 780 FT | 52 FLOORS


Great shots, Oppi.


finally some progress on the street level


Really nice!



not to be outdone by Vornado, the Zeckendorfs have flipped the switch on their own fancy crown lights.

New York City at Night by Brian Larsen, on Flickr


Come on, One57! Everyone’s doing it now. Peer pressure lol.



Great photos! 520 Park is beautiful. That crap on Lex must come down.


It’s a good thing some people have the power of photoshop



I’m really happy with how the street level detail of this building is turning out. I think i’m starting to care much more about what the first ten floors look like these days than anything else in a design. I’m starting to adopt a “it’s ok if you build a box as long as it looks good from street level” mindset these days. Just look at what they are building across from the Woolworth building. The street level of that building looks phenomenal.


This looks like a castle in the sky! love it!


While I’m not into boxes, I agree with the street level mindset wholeheartedly. The ground floor should be something that adds to the surrounding neighborhood. For example, look at this picture of the plaza next to 30 Park Place vvv I walk by here pretty regularly and on warm days this area is packed with people eating, sitting with friends or just enjoying some outdoor time alone.

Aside from the plaza, the ground floor design still has beautiful art deco accents, the sidewalks are kept immaculately clean and there’s a street entrance to the lobby bar/restaurant. That’s how you execute proper street level design!


30 PP should be a blue print for future towers


520 Park is much better than 30 PP IMO. There’s less of a post-modern feel to it.


Better tower design or the ground level? I like the towers equally but I haven’t walked by 520 at street level yet so I can’t compare them there


both. In the above photos you can see how the base looks like one of the Upper East Side mansions while the tower soars with finer details than 30 PP.




That is a totally fine design: particularly what they have done at street level. However, I can not help but mention how much I like the photo above; something about that steam rising at the bottom, and the similar look of the clouds above, all those visual elements add a very dynamic affect to the photo. I know this forum is all about the Architecture; but much of the photography posted is equally interesting.