NEW YORK | 520 Park Ave | 780 FT | 52 FLOORS


hah, looks like we were an avenue apart JC. here’s a shot from Park ave yesterday






Beuatiful shot, Tec.

Does anyone know the status of the adjacent townhouse restoration?




Gracious Park Avenue Classic Six by Halstead Property, on Flickr


You can see how it successfully blunts the impact of 432 Park Ave.


the old brownstones still look as bad as ever or even worse since they removed the last original cornice from the set and replaced it with some cheap plastic crap. at least 520 will have a nice street level facade though


Nice shots, Oppi. The tenements still don’t look great, but I think they’re a massive improvement over what they looked like before.


The second from left in the last photo looks ok, the base wasn’t altered much.


The glass facade and base on the midrise to the west of the brownstones is pretty terrible too. Looks like a bad modernization job.


I agree, but it’s way better than what was there. Hopefully, that tower will be razed and replaced with condos.


This site deserves better, but I still think that this is a massive improvement. It’s a shame that they didn’t put molding around the windows.


This looks really nice with its neighbors to the north and south.



Taken by me today:


I think this is Stern’s best tower. It may seem awkward from some angles, but from most it seems like its always been there. The facade of this tower also has symmetry and detail, which is something his towers have been lacking despite their throwback silhouettes.


Dunno I’m never really satisfied with any photos I take of this tower except maybe from the south or north along Park Avenue.



It fits in perfectly.


Street level facade looks fantastic!