NEW YORK | 520 Park Ave | 780 FT | 52 FLOORS



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It can’t wait to see what’s done with the dilapidated tenements just west of here.


The developer has sold about half of the 33 units in the 824-foot-tall tower so far.


the symmetry on this tower is much better than with 30 Park Place.

Reflections on Midtown #20 by Keith Michael, on Flickr


Does anyone have photos of the status of the renovation of the dilapidated townhouses next door?


I thought the adjacent townhouses were being knocked down and were part of a separate development.


Hi, guys.

Can someone post an update of what’s going on with the dilapidated tenements next door. Supposedly, they’re being fixed-up.


The four adjacent townhouse buildings are getting a complete face lift.

FYI, one of the single family Italianate row houses, No 35 E 60th St, used to be known as the Darling House, after an early owner Mr. William Augustus Darling , who lived in the single family house when he run for mayor of NY. In the 1920s 60th St was widened and the stoop of the Darling house was turned sideways.

The developer of 520 Park Ave currently has scaffoldings up and are re-doing the facade and the storefronts. I think the facades will be a light beige stucco (you can see the color behind the scaffolding), and I have also heard there will be some limestone details on the street level.

The last few evenings these has also been light testings happening on the facade of Christ Church - apparently the developer is also adding lights to the facade of the church and the Groilier Club. Really beautifying the whole block.


That’s great news, Luxury. Can you post a photo?


I walked past tonight but was too dark for a photo. Can confirm all the row houses are under scaffolding, but again, it was too dark to see what it may have looked like underneath.


Thanks, JC. Please post a shot the next time you’re there.





Stunning! Can someone post a shot of the tenements next door? Hopefully, they will be restored to their original grandeur.



Thanks, Stig!

Hopefully, those heinous little buildings will be beautifully restores with cornices and other details. It’s clear that they were once quite nice, but their owners let them fall into utter disrepair, and they became eyesores per se!


Hotel room view:


Nice view!!


I love it! I’m really going to miss waking up to it that’s for sure!